Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday, Dec. 10

Rainy skies were brightened by a sea of orange-shirts and neck scarves--worn by observers. The youth have arrived in force sporting shirts that say "Don't bracket our future" and many people are wearing a scarf that says "Survival is not negotiable".

The new handouts included pocket calendars reminding us of our religious duties to care for the planet and stickers saying "Arabs are more than oil" with a "can't drink oil" symbol.

An essay worth reading: The Earth Is Crying Out for Help By THOMAS LOVEJOY in the New York Times yesterday:

Today President Obama receives his Nobel Peace Prize. This will call even greater attention to him and the U.S. in these negotiations.

Don't forget, you can also get good updates on what is happening here in Copenhagen at .

More to come.

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