Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A lifetime opportunity for MC students

MC students have a private audience with Dr. Vandana Shiva

MC students and Alex Binford await the arrival of Al Gore

Al Gore holds a one hour Q&A with a small audience. Wow! He is quite engaging when he doesn't have to worry about the press capturing sound bytes taken out of context.
Best of all - the last question he entertained was from MC student Sarabeth Brockley!

World renown climate scientist, Stephen Schneider, told the audience stories about Al Gore and then expressed his frustration with the recent hacker scandal that he says should be called "climate denier-gate". He explained several aspects of the situation and noted that the term "climate-gate" turns an illegal invasion of privacy into a situation where the victims are being blamed. Regardless of the outcome of the investigation of both this hacking incident and the scientists' work which focuses on proxy data and the "hockey stick" graph, Dr. Schneider noted that the IPCC reports never used this data and in fact relied on other models and data.

MC students at the Danish Film Institute discussing Al Gore's session and the presentations by Balog and Schneider.

Award winning nature photographer/geoscientist James Balog gives career advice to MC students.

Later, the group was joined by French photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Sarabeth should post pictures later.
The special presentations by Balog and Schneider were additions to the schedule. It had gotten quite late so we weren't going to stay for the screening of the movie "Green" which, according to Arthus-Bertrand is excellent. I was asking one of the Good Planet reps if the movie is available for purchase and he didn't know. He returned a short while later with the director who gave me a personal copy! Such are the days here in Copenhagen!

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