Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hej fra København!

Some pictures from day #1 (for DH)/day #2 of the COP15. Taken by DH. (Click on the individual images to see sharper and larger versions.) I am sure that others will have pictures and perspectives to share soon!

Two images of the media center, showing low energy, but very bright lighting and a lot of networking going on.

Wangari Maathai

No shortage of computers to use to blog, catch up on issues, etc.

Various types of protesting.

Thoughts on carbon offsets as a “solution”!

The U.S. Center where we meet our delegation daily.

A display in the U.S. Center. There are a lot of interesting displays in this area and regular talks about U.S.-specific climate change issues.

Some of the Moravian delegation hard at work.

The delegation meets with Beth Larson of the Earth Day Network.
Some in the group (who have already acclimated) went to an event tonight where the Back Street Boys were to perform. I have been up for 34 hours now and need to crash!

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