Monday, December 7, 2009

Some photos

So I took some pictures whenever I remembered and had the time to do so. Things are different enough here to be disorienting but not enough to be such a big deal. For instance, showers don't just drain out, you have to use a scraper to direct the water to the drain in the floor. You kind of just shower in a room.(That's a tip. Learn from my mistakes)

Anyway, a few quick shots I took:

This was the registration center where they distribute badges to enter the conference.
There are now neat and organized lines, but this wasn't the case sunday.
Not pictured: The line stretching all the way down the metro station which proceeds to the line to get past the security screening to get to this point.

Leaving the conference center at night is really creepy. There are statues in the water that during the day just look a little weird. At night, however, they light up an eerie blue. This is just one of the numerous art exhibits on display around the conference. For example, there's another that consists of three large masks on top of poles that each have different color cloaks. They're representative of refugees from Somalia.

This image(and the pattern that composes it) is EVERYWHERE.

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