Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Images from our last day at the Bella Center

Sorry - no pictures of the police dogs and military! Call me a wimp. Or prudent.
Once inside, there were peaceful demonstrations by the indigenous peoples:

The press has been here for two weeks, but they were really noticeable today.

From the "high level" sessions in the limited access plenary. Was I supposed to take pictures? Speaking here is H.E. Ms. Penny Wong, the Minister for Climate Change and Water from Australia.

Notice who is being awarded the "Climate Fossil of the Day" this week:

As this person peddled, it powered the speakers and dvd player -- Asian music.

Against a snowy, dreary background, these climate refugees were even more haunting today. When I took the picture, I didn't notice the taxi sign. But where would they get a ride to?

Be sure to read the top banner:

A last look back at the Bella Center. I wish the heads of state and the planet good luck over the next two days.

Too dreary. Time to feel the holiday spirit at the City Hall Square. The tree whose lights are powered by people riding stationary bikes.

The next generation of "green" cars?

Happy holidays to all and best wishes for a sealed deal!

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