Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Quick post

Just a quick post from me. We just recently got into the Bella Center now after leaving at 6AM for it. Lines quickly built and entry was delayed a bit because of a "security issue" that we did not see but was apparently resolved. Entry for members of NGOs and IGOs today is limited to 7,000 with Thursday being capped at 1,000 individuals. The plenary sessions have all been closed off, and a lot of demonstrations are planned today.

At 9AM there is a giant march from one of the metro stations planned that will end at the metro outside of the conference center. From there, the groups each have their own agenda, but as members from act!onaid --a NGO that advocates for developed nations to "pay their climate debt" -- said last night, the protest will "try and take down those fences" that they put up all around the Bella Center.

Needless to say, the atmosphere in the city is tense. The police have been more and more active as of late(968 people were arrested at the protest on Saturday with a nun and some hare krishnas among them -- 4 individuals were actually charged), and there's a real fear that things will turn violent.

Edit: Conference center itself is secure, security is stepped up and everything's pretty chill in here. We're sitting in an economics conference and plan on being here for a while since this will be the last day we can realistically get in the doors.

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