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Faculty and student scholarly outcomes from COP meeting attendance

For the past 4 years, students and faculty representing Moravian College, York college, and the American Chemical Society (ACS) have attended the United Nations Conference of the Parties (COP) meetings related to climate change mitigation and adaptation.  We believe that the participants employ this opportunity to promote literacy and education about climate change in a manner that transcends any single discipline.  We compiled a list of scholarly outcomes from the past 4 years resulting from research that occurs before, during, and after the meetings.  The list is quite impressive and continues to grow.

ACS student participants:  ACS Policy web page U.S. Chemistry Students Interpret the U.N. Climate Talks.  This includes links to all three COP’s 16, 17, and 18

COP 18 References

COP 18 Student Perspectives on Climate Change blog

Parker McCrary interviewed ACS President Bassam Shakhashiri.  Posted on the ACS Undergraduate Blog.


Student Posters at 245th National ACS Meeting in New Orleans:

Parker McCrary:  Poster number 506 - Youth involvement at the 18th Conference of Parties and the need for climate science literacy.
Nikki DeLuca:  Poster number 495 - Influence of climate science research on policy negotiations at the 18th Conference of Parties.

John Siller:  Poster number 494 - Student perspective of and outcomes from the 18th Conference of Parties of the United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Student Poster at the 5th Conference on Ionic Liquids:  April 21-25, 2013), Algarve, Portugal

P. D. McCrary, G. P. Foy, K. E. Peterman, and R. D. Rogers, Youth Involvement at the 18th Conference of Parties and the Need for Climate Science Literacy. 

D.W. Husic: two papers in April 2013 at the National Adaptation Forum in Denver:

Lessons from the International Stage:  Making Adaptation Policy and Case Studies Relevant at the Regional Level
Engaging public audiences in climate science through citizen science, nature journaling and art workshops, and community dialogue about local adaptation priorities
D.W. Husic: Climate-induced changes in habitat and community compositions:  how do we begin to adapt the fields of ecology and restoration?”, Paper presented at the annual Meeting of the Society for Ecological Restoration, Mid-Atlantic Section, Pieces of the Puzzle: From Backyard Habitat to Landscape Scale, March 29, 2013, University of Maryland, College Park, Md.

D.W. Husic presentation at the Manada Conservancy in Hershey, PA (Nov. 2, 2012), and several other regional presentations on climate change-related topics.

 Media features:

Parker McCrary:  Tuscaloosa News, UA student attending Qatar session.
Parker McCrary:
Nikki DeLuca and John Siller:

Moravian College at the UNFCCC  blog;
D.W. Husic interviewed by Paul Brown of NPR for segments that were aired at 4;00 and 6:30 pm on 11/28/12 and at 7:00, 9:00, and 11:00 a.m. on 11/29/12.
Husic and one of her students who attended COP16 in Cancun wrote an article on “Moravian and the UNFCCC” for the 2013 Sustainable Lehigh Valley Directory of Organizations and Businesses that Promote Sustainable Communities.
Foy and Peterman blog:  Global Hot Topic York newspaper blog:

Foy and Peterman Huffington Post Articles:
UN Climate Conference in Qatar: A Historical Perspective
UN Climate Conference: Feeling the Frustration of Youth
First Carbon-Neutral Coffee Takes Center Stage at UN Climate Conference
UN Climate Change Youth Involvement: A Call to Action
Education and Action Starts at Home!
Foy wrote an article titled ACS Students Attending COP 18 Give Youth a Voice for the ACS Undergraduate Blog:
COP 17 References
Husic Moravian blog and Peterman/Foy Global Hot Topics blogs same links as above.

Husic, D. (2012) “COP17: Lessons from South Africa”, Wildlife Activist 70: 8 – 11.
Husic, D.W. (2011) “Climate Change is Not a Spectator Sport:  Make a Difference Globally and in Your Backyard”, Keystone Wild!Notes, Spring edition, pp. 15-18, by invitation; available at .
Husic, D.W. “Is Climate Change the New Apartheid for the 21st Century?” Moravian College InFocus program on Poverty and Inequality (April 2, 2012).
COP 17 Student blog:  Student Perspectives on Climate Change
Student Youtube channel featuring their self-produced videos on COP 17 as an IYC 2011 project
Patrick Lestrange Guest Column in the New Jersey Star-Ledger (widely read article with over 8,600 “likes ”)

Featured Undergraduate Symposium at 243th National ACS Meeting in San Diego:

International Year of Chemistry Student Chapter Projects and the United National Framework Convention on Climate Change
COP 16 References

Students Leah Block and Anthony Tomaine blogged under Chemical and Engineering News Editor-in-chief Rudy Baum’s Central Science blog page.
PA Environmental Resource Consortium (PERC) Webinar:  “Perspectives from Cancun: A discussion on Higher Ed engaging in Civil Society, Climate Change Negotiations, and Public Outreach”,  February 18, 2011, Don Brown (Penn State), Keith Peterman and Leah Block (York College), and Diane Husic (Moravian College)

Husic, D.W. Climate Change is Not a Spectator Sport: Making a Difference both Internationally
and in Your Backyard”,
Science Café, LVACS and Barnes and Noble, April 6, 2011.

Div of Chem Ed minutes from 241th National ACS Meeting in Anaheim, CA

Peterman:  article in the ACS Undergraduate Blog

Foy presided over a General Session at the National ACS Meeting in Anaheim, CA which included the following papers:




Climate change, sustainability, and COP16: An undergraduate tale
Anthony J Tomaine, Professor Gregory P Foy, Professor Keith E Peterman


Sustainability and IYC-2011: A York College Chemistry Society production
Anthony J Tomaine, Steven J Tobin, Leah E Block, Kathleen M Halligan PhD


Leah Block, Professor Gregory P Foy, Professor Keith E Peterman

COP 15 References

Husic, D. (2010) “Reflections on Copenhagen”, Wildlife Activist (fall 2010 issue and available at ).

Husic, D.W. “Adapting to Climate Change on a Global Scale:  Perspectives from the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit”, Conference:  Adapting to Climate Change – Planning for the Future of Pennsylvania’s Natural Resources, April 30, 2010, Erie, PA. (invited speaker)


D. Husic – contributor to Pennsylvania Climate Adaptation Planning Report:  Risks and Practical Recommendations, PA Department of Environmental Protection, January 2011 (available at; member of steering committee for PA Climate Change Adaptation working group for Adaptation.

D. Husic - Invited member to Steering Committee of the Research and Independent NGO’s (RINGOs) Civil Society Constituency Group for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)