Thursday, December 17, 2009

The climate scoreboard

Not long after we began this blog site, we added the climate scoreboard in the column on the right. If you have been following, you will notice that the gap between the line for the "business as usual" (BAU) and the "goals' has widened. It is not that our goal has become more ambitious but rather that new data seems to support that BAU will lead to even greater temperature increases sooner. The proposals to date, remain much closer to BAU than to the goals. Even the goal of keeping the average global temperature to less than 2 degrees C is controversial. Many here say that going above 1.5 degrees C will wipe out their culture.
This doesn't seem like a big increase, but paleoclimatology evidence indicates that the average global temperature of the planet hasn't ever been this much warmer since humans have been on the planet. National Geographic created a program that explores what the world would be like if the temperature increased by 1 to 6 degrees. Here is the link for that gives an insight as to what a 2 degree warmer world would be like. Some of these things are already happening.
By searching "National Geographic X degrees warmer", putting in a digit for X betwen 1 and 6, you can find the other video shorts.

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