Friday, December 11, 2009

Climate change issues in Africa

Ellen, Laura and I attended a panel this a.m. about reforestation, livestock and climate justice issues in Africa. Very powerful. Ellen has worked in Kenya and Tanzania in health clinic and education settings (including in President Obama's grandmother's village - she has pictures with her). I have been to Kenya (and love the country) and have had a number of students from there over the years. Will describe the issues in more detail later, but we witnessed the most unusual juxaposition of cultures in this event: one of the panelists was a Maasai and he did his first powerpoint at the session in traditional dress. If you know anything about these people, you will know why this struck me as so odd. Wangari Maathai was a speaker and the moderator for the session. She simply is marvelous! But when you listen to people who are so closely connected to the land, it makes you wonder why the negotiations are taking place amongst the people in suits. Pictures later.

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  1. The Maasai in traditional garb presenting a PowerPoint is certainly an unusual image, but I find it very hopeful that someone like this has a voice in Copenhagen.