Saturday, December 12, 2009

If You Stand for Nothing, You Will Fall for Everything

This image (below) is my first insight into Copenhagen. Flying from Finland (flight from US to Finland to , this picture marked the end of our 90 minute journey. Looking closely at this image I see an illustration of COP 15 negotiations. Here, two energy sectors providing electricity/power for the city. The sleek design of the wind
turbines accost the image of "dirty" energy while working alongside the plume of vapor coming from the cooling stacks of the adjacent powerplant. What an image to reflect upon as we bank a left and fall into flight pattern for our descent into the city. If I wanted perspective on the conference the universe appears to be throwing itself at my feet. The rest of the student delegation arrived and finally Kim, Jiri, Jim, and myself unite Connor, Taylor and Steve and after settling in and registration we gave into Jet-lag's seductive siren call of sleep and napped.

Saturday morning we woke to a thunderous sounding in the streets, sirens, and one of the first sunlight days at the conference. We all quickly headed to demonstration that began at Christiansborg Slotsplads at 1:00. Weaving through a sea of bears, painted clowns, energy blobs, bicycles, and countless activists holding signs decreeing"Nature doesn't compromise" and "There is no Planet B" as well as the few "Um, Hey about those emails, can we delete them?" the passion in the streets was palpable. Somewhere, there is an image circulating with Moravian College students and these blobbed entities below. Protesters encompassed every age and ethnicity.
Probably some of the most potent images I have are of Iranians protesting President Ahmadinejad, the ghost forest of trees metaphorically representing decay of "lungs of the Earth" and of clowns snaking their way through the crowds. Connor and I were stopped, and encircled by the protesters as they satirically hushed us and whispered to be quiet about the negotiations. the images below speak for themselves.

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