Saturday, December 19, 2009

Images from Denmark

Since we didn't have access the the COP15 events at the Bella Center for Thursday and Friday, I divided my time between attending events at the Klimaforum and seeing a bit of the region. We will post our thoughts on the final days of negotiations after we have had a chance to reflect a bit, but I thought I would share some images.
The streets and canals in Christianshavn. We did also go through Christiania (basically a squatters-like commune area that doesn't pay taxes) but don't have pictures since they don't allow them. It is certainly an alternative area in terms of lifestyle; if you don't know about this area, you can look it up to see what I mean. The food is great there by the way. And yeah for having Laura as a guide (since she lived her for her study abroad); she knew where to find the best bakeries in town!

City Hall square - the final night of activities including a concert (Danish hip hop).

Saturday in KØge:
Since there wasn't much to celebrate in terms of a Copenhagen treaty, people have turned to celebrating in some unusual ways and are out shopping. It is the season of consumption as usual.

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