Thursday, December 10, 2009

Images from December 10

Singing demonstrated delegates as they got off the Metro this morning.

Recyling bins are everywhere. There are even compostable material bins and ones for biodegradable utensils and plates that are used in the Bella Center. Perhaps even more interesting is that the bins themselves are made out of recycled materials - kind of like the material being used for deck floors now.

Scenes from the NGO exhibit hall:

The Fossil of the Day Trophies

Childrens' Voices for Climate Justice

Youth day at the UNFCCC - a lot of orange!

Even the polar bears are asking for 350 ppm!

Rene got a much better picture of the Secretary of the Interior than I did - the Secret Service guys just won't move!

All eyes on Obama. But wait, he is in Oslo, not Copenhagen!

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