Friday, December 18, 2009

Final Hours -- In-Between Hope and Despair

This video from yesterday's Climate Action Group captures the beginning of the day in the plenary sessions -- no agreement. It was not a promising beginning to the day.

Things were a bit more hopeful when Secretary Clinton addressed the conference, especially making progress on the financial commitments piece for mitigation and adaptation for the developing countries.  Her comments are here:

Last night, I had the privilege to gather with about 30 other Climate Project presenters who are all here in different capacities.  There were a few young people, including one of the Climate Justice Fast youth -- today she'll finish her 6 week fast! And Stuart Scott -- who had an audience with the Pope and delivered 350 personal letters (including one from me). It was great to meet colleagues from India (working on adaptation in villages), Canada (environmental law) and the USA (Yale and Middlebury College).  These are just a few of the 3000+ presenters that have all been personally trained by Al Gore.

Al Gore came to the reception as well, and said that of all the agenda items that he had this week, being with us was the closest to being with family.  He started by acknowledging that, for him, just as for us, there is always a sense that we are in-between hope and despair. The day had started badly, but hope has begun to rise. He credited the Prime Minister Meles Zanawi of Ethiopia as a tremendous positive force, working with the G77 and Hillary Clinton on the long term financing piece. The forest agreement is also within reach and would be, by itself, cause for great celebration.

Realistically, Gore noted that there will still be work to do, and that the grassroots movement is essential. Change is made one person at a time.

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