Saturday, December 19, 2009

Several of our delegation visited the Ecological Inspiration House in Frederiksberg with Ellen (the Moravian Seminary alum) who lives in Denmark. This is a house built by Jytee AbildstrØm – who according to Laura and Ellen is quite a celebrity in Copenhagen. She runs a children’s puppet theatre. Her inspirations are many: Hans Christian Andersen’s Klods Hans, her time spent living on a farm, and her deep belief in having a minimal footprint on the planet by reducing consumption and recycling. The house has many innovative “green features” ranging from solar (passive solar, solar-heated water circulation for heat, and photovoltaic cells), composting toilets, a root zone purification network for waste water, etc. The home is used for education – mainly for visiting school groups who learn through hands-on activities and demonstrations.
Jytee AbildstrØm

Children's demonstrations of solar and wind power.

Mini washing machines to generate waste water that is then purified through a series of fish tank set-ups mimicking the system of the house. The children also create compost containers and learn about composting toilets. They make puppets out of all natural materials and mini playhouses with real gardens to take back to their school.

A two story "waterfall" that actually serves to filter water in the house and keep the humidity levels appropriate for the plants in the house.

The group then went out for the traditional holiday drink of gløgg (spiced wine with almonds and raisins soaked in rum) and a delicious snack called æbleskriver.

Ellen and Laura - our Copenhagen guides and Moravian alumni.

A lovely evening.

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