Monday, October 4, 2010

You Never Know Who You’ll Meet

There is a lot of networking going on at these UNFCCC meetings. Many of the party members (with the government delegations) and NGOs (non-governmental organizations) attend all of the meetings each year, so it’s not surprising to see hundreds of people milling around and catching up with their friends at the Welcoming Ceremony.   On the bus from the airport, I met one man from the Environmental Defense Fund – although he is Indian and he works mainly in India, his home is in Texas! He works with Indian farmers, and I welcomed the opportunity to speak with him about Vandana Shiva who will be visiting Moravian College next week. Another rider on the bus was a Canadian who is one of the party members representing Grenada, one of the small island nations. His days will be a bit different from mine – organizational meetings in the mornings, drafting groups all day, and review/revisions every night! Everyone is friendly, and there does seem to be a shared desire to finalize an ambitious and fair agreement that is legally binding.

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