Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Climate Change Impacts in China

China has warmed already 1.5C since pre-industrial levels, and it’s already feeling the effects of climate change.  In a panel sponsored by the Asia Society, different impacts in China were presented, ranging from the melting glaciers to mangroves being lost due to increased storms.  Most urgently, the melting of glaciers is of concern since the glaciers represent the source of water for much of Asia. In the “Melt Through Time Machine,” there are “before” and “after” pictures of different glaciers showing that they are retreating at rapid rates. Soon, 3D pictures of the glaciers will be online as well!

The Tibetan nomads are particularly worried about the melting glaciers and changes in their environment. They note the shrinking grassland, worsening nutrition of the plants, reduced size of livestock, and decreased quality of yak milk.  Many of the Tibetans are being forced to emigrate as they are no longer able to sustain their way of life. Finally, the China Mangrove Conservation Network showed pictorial evidence of the destruction of mangroves due to increased storm activity.

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  1. There is an 8+ minute photo comparison site at which really speaks to glaciers melting.