Thursday, December 1, 2011

A few notes from Day 4

At a briefing given by the Executive Secretariat, Christiana Figueres, someone representing Greenpeace International noted that in talking to people around the world, they have lost faith in the UNFCCC process.  Her response?  What then would you replace it with?  The G20, the G8?  Would they speak for those who are currently most impacted?  She indicated that only a U.N. process would be so inclusive even if the progress is (too) slow, but she would refuse to participate in a process when the majority of the voices of the world are not at the table.

From Yahoo News (;_ylc=X3oDMTNsdWtmczQyBF9TAzk3NDkwNzkyBGFjdANtYWlsX2NiBGN0A2EEaW50bAN1cwRsYW5nA2VuLVVTBHBrZwNlYzFmYWYyMC1lMjRhLTNlMTctODc0ZS05YTVkYTYwNDNmYzYEc2VjA21pdF9zaGFyZQRzbGsDbWFpbAR0ZXN0Aw--;_ylv=3)

"More than half of all carbon pollution released into the atmosphere comes from five countries, according to a national ranking of greenhouse gas emissions released Thursday....China, the United States, India, Russia and Japan top the ranking, with Brazil, Germany, Canada, Mexico and Iran just behind....
Three of the top six nations are energy-hungry emerging giants developing their economies at breakneck speed."

On a brighter, more hopeful note, I invite you to check out Corey's blog post on Youth and Future Generations Day below or at:

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