Saturday, December 10, 2011

A cost issue?

A major focus of the U.S. at COP17 has been the economic interests of our country (and more specifically, on the interests of large corporations).  As if often the case, the environment vs. economy dichotomy arises.  But what is the cost of inaction?

See this article from CNN about the extreme weather events of 2011:

$50 billion for this year for the U.S. alone.  And just during the 2 weeks of COP17 in Durban, there were 8 extreme weather events:

The dollar estimates, of course, totally neglect the plight of millions who are currently suffering from extreme droughts and floods.  Delaying any real action on greenhouse mitigation and climate change adaptation until at least 2020 will likely be a death sentence for millions more -- most of whom will initially be from impoverished parts of the world.

Do we call this fiscal responsibility?  How about genocide? Or crimes against humanity?

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