Thursday, December 9, 2010

YOUNGOs Creatively Advocate 1.5 degrees

Around 1:30 today, some of the YOUNGOs (the youth at the conference), attracted a lot of attention with a creative idea and few supplies. They had a map of Asia, Europe and the Yucantan (part of Mexico where the conference is located). The maps showed only the landmass that would remain in each area if carbon emissions are not reduced, because sea level rise will wipe out significant parts of each area. To support a 1.5 degrees temperature rise maximum, they were asking people to dip their thumbs in green paint and leave a thumbprint where a dotted line represented land that would be lost. Once enough people had shown their support, thumbprints would fill the whole area that would be lost, effectively recreating the land to look like it does today, without any loss from sea level rise. The youth said that this was symbolic of people taking back what might be lost and not letting policy makers forget what is at stake. To further support their cause, some people are leaving the dried green paint on their thumb to show others at the conference where they stand on environmental matters.

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