Saturday, December 11, 2010

We have a deal!!!

In an overnight session, the COP president brought a proposed text to the plenary.  With a bit of tweaking to accommodate different parties, it is a balanced deal with progress on all fronts. Check out the UNFCCC page for a list of the Cancun Agreements:  Main texts include: AWG-LCA text and AWG-KP text.   The press release from the UN can be found here: UN Press Release.

Transparency and openness were the watchwords for the president, and symbolically, the doors were all open for the final session and the talks were on streaming video. After a short negative statement by Bolivia, the rest of the parties unanimously praised the president and process, and then all agreed to the text as proposed. The Indian delegate mentioned that in India, there are many gods and goddesses: he believes that the COP President may be one of the goddesses. If you just want to feel good about the UN and the world, watch the final session at

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