Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Digging the Pathway to Paris: What to Expect

In recent months, many countries have been gearing up for the highly anticipated Conference of the Parties (COP21) to be held in Paris, France November 30 - December 11 to formulate and finalize policies in regards to addressing anthropogenic climate change. Here is short list of what to watch out for during the two week intergovernmental processes.
  • Will negotiations that are made include language on sustainable development to achieve targets set forth by the recently adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals?
  • Will practices such as deep decarbonization (
  • be discussed as a sufficient means of keeping global warming below the 2℃ limit?
  • Will significant targets be set by high carbon emitting nations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to set limits of parts per million (ppm) in the atmosphere to ensure a limit of 2℃ or less?
  • What policies will be formulated during the negotiations between the 190 represented governments and who will take the initiative in adopting formulated policies?
  • Will climate action policies be formulated to significantly mitigate the expected impacts from anthropogenic climate change?
All the world will be watching to see if Paris is the year climate negotiations are adopted with a strategic plan for implementation and execution. It will be interesting to see if the negotiations will include the voices of the poor and marginalized, who suffer the greatest from the detrimental effects of climate change. In addition, along with these negotiations and the recent encyclical, Laudato Si (,  by Pope Francis, observations will have to be made to see how the convergence of these documents will address climate change and poverty.

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