Wednesday, November 28, 2012

And the winner is ...

At the end of every day, crowds gather for the “Fossil of the Day” award ceremony.  Last year, one of our delegates, Corey Husic, accepted the award on behalf of the United States. []
On the first day, the 1st place award went jointly to the USA, Canada, Russia, Japan and New Zealand for their unwillingness to participate in a legally binding, multilateral rules based regime.  New Zealand also won 2nd  place for having participated in negotiations but then refusing to put in a target for a second commitment period.  The second day’s 1st place award went to Turkey, the world’s largest investor in coal at the same time they are asking for more funds in climate negotiations. 2nd place went to the EU for putting in a target of a reduction of 20% for 2020, having already essentially achieved that through reductions of 17.5% and offsets.  

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